Unemployment Insurance Advocacy Project

June 28, 2017
Paul, Weiss represented a pro bono client in two unemployment insurance hearings, winning both and ultimately securing the maximum allowable benefits for our client. ... Read more
May 19, 2017
Christine Isaacs was a Pro Bono Scholar with our Unemployment Insurance Advocacy Project this past Spring.... Read more
May 8, 2017
Goodbye to unlawful and discriminatory practices of employers inquiring about a job applicants salary history to determine their salary amount during the hiring process.... Read more
May 1, 2017
Rene Alexander "Alex" Acosta (born January 16, 1969) is an attorney, dean, and politician who is the 27th and current United States Secretary of Labor.  ... Read more
April 4, 2017
Federal law is slow in minimizing the gender wage gap.  However, on a state-level and societal level we can bring about change and minimize, ultimately eliminate the gender wage gap.  ... Read more
March 17, 2017
"President Donald Trump’s 2018 budget eliminates funding for the Legal Services Corp. In his first budget proposal released Thursday, Trump is cutting discretionary spending to pay for an increase in defense spending and the wall on the Mexican border..."... Read more
March 8, 2017
The United Nations’ 2017 focuses on “Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030”.... Read more
March 8, 2017
State Street Global Advisors Calls on 3,500 Companies Representing More Than $30 Trillion in Market Capitalization to Increase Number of Women on Corporate Boards... Read more
January 11, 2017
The minimum wage increased on December 31, 2016:  ... Read more